3D/UX Designer, Public Speaker, and Small Business Owner in Algiers, Algeria

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Bilal has been a 3D/UX Designer and CAD trainer for more than a year time. Given his young age, he is considered to be a leader in introducing the startup spirit to his society. He is also a UI/UX and mobile solutions devotee. Moreover, Bilal has got a thorough understanding of his respective society, he has been taken part of training 100+ kid/teen to technology, to build their own tech-projects from scratch. Bilal always tries to find solutions to common problems using technology. In fact, he is always seeking to join a creative/research team to add a value that has an impact on the world.

He is also part of an International Google community called GDG (Google Developers Group). Three reasons pushed him to join this program; an ardent drive for anything that has to do with technology, passion for sharing knowledge and love for collaboration.

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