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Eric Belanger

Drummondville, QC

I currently work full-time for a transport company, focusing on programming web and desktop applications, sometimes making automated reports, backup tasks, web development... Sometimes I also tell people to power cycle their devices :)

Mind you, I am not a programmer by profession (i've been constantly learning programming while having my "IT guy" position), but it has been rewarding both for me and for my colleagues/users: not only I can see whats wrong and what can be improved or optimized, i'm also in the position to fix it!

Besides work, I'm on a holy quest to broaden my skills: right now I'm tinkering on Android programming, but I could be also breaking things, learning other stuff, and trying so damn hard to not give in to console gaming! :) I'm also an EDM fan (specifically Trance), a Game of Thrones addict (Just started on the books, mind the spoilers!), Ingress enthusiast (but somewhat inactive)

  • Work
    • Groupe TYT
  • Education
    • DEP Soutien Informatique