Bilderberg GROUP

Bilderberg Group. As you can probably tell, I am not the Bilderberg Group. This is a Site About the (A) Function (B) Missions {covert}, (C) Missions {Claims}, (D) Recruitment, (E) Bilderberg Function within World Government Administration.

The "Bilderberg Group" Has been around for a long time, but by other names. After the Revolutionary wars that got rid of Monarchs, Monarchs got into the "Bilderberg Group" game of electing their will and mandate into public office, across the globe.

The Motive for this is Interesting. Some would say its out of this world Amazing.

Who am I? Not Religious. Not Christian, Not Muslim, Not Jewish, Not Hindu, Nor Buddhist, Whatever ist. I am Not.

Who I am is the Truth behind the Facades of World Government. Its not that difficult to figure out. It actually is idiot simple. Put In One Of Our Own So Our Vision Can Manifest Amongst the Worker Bees as they Shape the World 'we' live in. Idiot Simple.

Do I represent any governments? No. Definitely not. Governments and their Administrators are by nature extraordinarily insect like, do what they are told, like maggots, like gnats, like bees, like wasps, like ants. As you can gather, by my verbage, no, I do not in any way shape or form represent any government at all whatsoever. Not now, not before, not Ever.

"So Your AntiGovernment in General" No. My little insect friend. I know its easier to think in simplistic terms, but no I am Far from an Anarchist. Very far.

"Not Pro Gov. Not Anti Gov. So what are you?"

Who am I?