Bilguun Enkhtaivan

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Bilguun brings his high energy and shavy style to any Mongolian company and its development. Using his own ways of management methodologies and is in charge for 24-7.

Always fully charged & ready for everything!
Bilguun is well known in his circle with his invisible "Lovely - character" people wants to get to know him day by day. He is very open, easy to communicate and one of the big dreamer. Has several goals in the near future and some of them has been achieved already.

After Bilguun and his family came back to Mongolia from Germany. Bilguun started creating history in his homeland "Mongolia". He graduated from The National University of Mongolia, majoring in Eco-Tourism. He started his career as tour guide, travel manager for foreign tourists. After 2 to 3 years of traveling with tourists around Mongolia, he started a new job in the Mining industry.

First he worked as a logistic manager in one of the biggest mining company Mongolia, after a few months he's been transferred to the road construction department as head of foreign trade and relations.

He has also a very good background in market research and management methodologies which was the main key for the formal company.

Now he’s working with his old buddy in his company on a big construction project as a Manager of foreign trade and supply chain.

  • Work
    • CPMC Co., Ltd
  • Education
    • Bachlor degree in Eco-Tourism
    • Master degree in Linguistics