Biljana Martinić

I talk to animals and they often talk back.
I can't touch my toes and I give names to my stuff. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Music is my religion. I have a very bipolar personality.
I get my energy by being surrounded by fun people. My lazyness will kill me one day.

You can buy my love with books, concert tickets and vinyl records.

I hate (in dreams) when the bad guy is coming and I only move in slow motion. Also, I hate: clowns, bees, smoking, liars, mondays, tangled headphones and injustice.

Love: photography, laughing, traveling, dancing, milk, food, procrastination, anime, crazy outfits, dipping my fingers in candle wax and letting it dry, converse, sarcasm, creativity, movies (I watch them a lot), having retarded conversations with my friends, long hugs, running in the rain, when I come home and I smell like him.