Bill Carlson

Plainfield, Illinois, United States

William R. (Bill) Carlson

• Chicago area native
• Graduate, University of Illinois Business School
• Navy Veteran
• Thirty years of business experience (printing)
• Fifteen years as an independent insurance and financial advisor, with Life, Annuity, and Health licensing.

Bill’s views his job as an educator. His goal is to teach people about the various safe money tools available to help them make informed financial decisions.

He works with all age groups to help them build and protect their capital for future use, helping to increase future income as well as reduce taxes. He believes that financial planning should include protecting assets as well as growing assets. There are too many risks in life that can destroy an individual’s, family’s or business’s future that can easily be avoided with the proper planning.

Bill and his wife , Gloria, live in Plainfield.

Outside interests include golf, swimming, hunting, singing and grandchildren. Bill is active in various church and community activities.