Bill Dixon

Oaklyn New Jersey

I was born in Camden, New Jersey which is a great place to be from, and I grew up in a happy family. My family moved to the south side of Chicago in 1971. I made some great friends, went thru High School and my first year of College at Lewis University. I believe everyone should have to live in Chicago for at least 3 years. Whether you stay or move on you will be a much stronger person. I moved on to Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State where I studied Humanites. That makes me great at playing "Trivial Pursuit". While in College, I learned to sell cars in the summer of 1979, some the most fun I've ever had. I still love selling Cars.

Spending time with my wife and sons, and the desire to live a positive and exciting life motivates me. I spent a total of 20 years in Oklahoma, married the woman of my dreams we have two great Sons both in college. Along the way I found a job selling computer services to Car Dealers, I'm still doing it. After 20 years in Oklahoma I was released on good behavior and moved to Sugar Land, Texas. I think Oklahoma is really great but I really wanted to be near salt water. It's really true that life is much sweeter in Sugar Land. I moved to Texas to build great teams of sales people, I've enjoyed success in sales management but I still like to sell, and that's why I joined DealerMine, Inc. They have got really great people selling and supporting the smartest products in the automotive retail industry. Believe me, I know the difference. When I'm not working for DealerMine, Inc. I'm spending time with my sweetie and with our sons, that focus on each other helps us stay happy. We have a nice home we love, and some really great neighbors. Our favorite thing to do together is travel. We love to go somewhere every chance we get whether it's a trip to Europe, or a long drive for excellent BBQ in Austin, it's not where you go but that you go together. I think that's what it is all about. Someday I may retire but maybe not. I love my work at DealerMine, Inc it's is the most amazing place I have ever worked. At the end of the day if you have succeeded in being kind to someone who could use a smile and you have supplied some value to coworkers, clients or prospects then you should get to stay in the game and play some more. I hope I get the the chance to spend some time with every one who reads this site. The older I get the more interesting my adventures become. Contact me... I can't have too many good friends.

  • Work
    • Regional Sales Executive with DealerMine, Inc
  • Education
    • Romeoville High School
    • Oklahoma State University