Bill French

I'm a technology innovator and entrepreneur with over thirty years experience in the software industry. My software creations include dozens of commercial software applications, including one of the first consumer tools in mobile computing history, the highly successful and award-winning LapLink™ communications application.

As founder and editor of iPadCTO, I often write about iOS devices and apps for the enterprise. My focus in mobile computing is to provide insightful analysis and vision of the emerging app-centric society which demonstrates why mobile apps are creating sustainable and competitive economic advantage. As a consultant, I provide guidance to enterprises and institutions concerning the rapid growth and influence of the global app market model.

My wife and I founded Global Technologies Corporation in 1981, a consulting and intellectual property development firm which we both manage to this day.

While at Starbase Corporation (acquired by Borland), Bill co-headed a forward-looking research project focused on the information tsunami that is plaguing businesses of all sizes and specifically how topic map (XTM) technology might be brought to bear on the issues of information findability and knowledge management. I left Starbase to form MyST Technology Partners, Inc. in 2002, with a vision of building a standards-based XML web services environment that serves as the foundation for MyST social media products including Blogsite and Enterprise RSS services.