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Bill Goodband

Hamburg, Michigan

Hey there!

I'm a 32yr old truck driver out of Hamburg, Michigan. Been married for 3 or so years been with my wife for going on 7 years. We have an awesome daughter named Lillian Rose Goodband that is just over the age of 2. I've been a gamer since about 3-4yrs old. I spend most of my time playing World of Warcraft mainly, while digging in on some other off MMO type games. I Host 2 uncensored podcasts about WoW. I'm a brutally honest NON politically correct guy who doesn't believe in the sides of republican or democrat. Nor do I believe in religion. So if you want a decent honest conversation I'm your guy, if you want white lies and to hear only what you wanna hear, then fuck off I'm not your guy!

  • Work
    • Truck Driver
  • Education
    • Highschool GED some online college classes