Bill Kelman

New Mexico - Los Angeles - Beijing - New York

I have sold projects to independents, foreign television and studios. Most recently I am an executive producer with Philco Films, Ltd for E1 Entertainment executive producer on THE DOWNSLOPE and GOD FEARING MAN based on screenplays by Stanley Kubrick as well as the upcoming “Lunatic at Large” based on a Stanley Kubrick/Jim Thompson (THE KILLER INSIDE ME) collaboration. In addition, I am also producing the psychological thriller, UNSTABLE to be directed by Andrzej Sekula. I have over a dozen film projects in active development including co-production films in China and Mexico.

I am also production and creative consultant for television and feature productions in Lebanon, Ukraine, Dubai, China and Egypt. In the Middle East I was a production and creative consultant on MANAHI the first theatrically released movie in Saudi Arabia in thirty years. I am a founder and on the board of directors of Cosmic Forces, LLC, a VFX/CGI/New Media company.

I am also commercial director who has garnered industry attention in “Shoot Magazine” and the One Show Creative Showcase. I am member of the Writer’s Guild of American, a contributor to Getty Images and was a judge for the Nichols Fellowship screenwriting contest sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I have lectured at the Beijing Film Academy, Cal State and other film programs.

  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin - American Film Institute