Bill Pieser

Seattle, Washington, United States

High technology industry executive with over 25 years of successful product introductions, turnarounds, and refactorings.

Product Team Building and Coaching

Innovation and Disruptive Product Development

Software Engineering Productivity Measures and Agile Adoption

Product Life Cycle Management Planning and Customer Feedback Initiatives

"Fast-paced product development in today's business climate requires organizations to constantly rethink how they deploy their most precious resource, their human capital, in the most impactful and efficient way. I concentrate on helping organizations develop mechanisms to recognize when they are converging on a successful outcome, or need to make course corrections. This is analagous to many of the lessons I've learned in professional aviation, where planning combined with extreme vigilance over real-time operations yields predictable results, and most importantly - closure."

  • Work
    • President - WRaP Consulting LLC
  • Education
    • B.S Electronics