Bill Shorten

3D Artist and Entrepreneur in Toronto, Canada

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I grew up in a small southern Ontario farming community chasing foxes and pheasants, pondering the vastness of the universe, and marveling at human flight. As a creator and explorer since childhood, I am inspired by the latest innovations in science and technology and have an innate love of art and architecture.

Through mindfulness and resiliency I like to think that I possess a level of self-awareness that continually reminds me to live in the present moment. Bringing these same qualities into the entrepreneurial world, I launched Artemon 3D, a company specializing in architectural visualization (ArchVIZ), technical visualization (TechVIZ) and VR/AR services.

My core CG toolbox:

● Autodesk | AUTOCAD Architecture
● Autodesk | 3DS MAX
● Trimble | SKETCHUP
● Dassault Systèmes | SOLIDWORKS (CSWP)
● Chaos Group | V-RAY
● Epic Games | UNREAL ENGINE (UE4/5)

My 3D visualization workflow:

● Modeling
● Lighting
● Materials
● Motion (Animation, VR & AR)
● Rendering
● Post-Production

My personal journey has rewarded me with aptitude in:

✔ Computer skills
✔ Sense of design
✔ Communication
✔ Critical thinking
✔ Problem-solving
✔ Business sense
✔ Collaboration
✔ Visualizing a project
✔ Balancing work and life

  • Work
    • Artemon3D
  • Education
    • CCS - College for Creative Studies, Detroit
    • Sheridan College, Oakville