Bill Terry

With the exception of a move to Modesto I have lived in Bakersfield all my life. I Mowed lawns as a kid for spending money, Hopped a freight train at 16, took it to New Mexico where I got my first real job in the oil fields starting at $1.87 an hr. I got enough experience to where I could come back to Ca, and get the same job for $3.24 an hr. Big Money.... At 17 I got married to my girlfriend she was 13, and at the same time I joined the Navy spent 4 years seeing mostly sea water. But also got to see Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Galapagos Islands. Last stop was Vietnam in 1964 when the war broke out, Luckily my tour of duty was over and was discharged a month or so later.

After drawing one or two unemployment checks from the navy I got a job working in the Oil fields again making a lot more money, $6 or 7 an hr I think,, really in the chips now but now with 3 kids I needed all I could make... I then proceeded to work my way up on the drilling rigs, Only problem was, at that time the rig work wasn't very steady. We would drill a well then the rig might go down for a week or so for lack of work. So it's off to another drilling Co looking for work. I sometime worked for 6 or 8 company's a year back then trying to keep busy. But, even at that.. I only drew unemployment 2 more times was all. Early 70's I started drilling I drilled until around 1976 While on the job, in the rain, trying to get a particular job done I had an Idea that could make this job not only easier, but much safer. I drew it up on paper and called a patent agent. about 18 months later I had my patent and was using it to do that very job where I got the idea in the first place. I then made a business from that patent for 20 years. I sold the business in 2000 and thought I would retire, and did for 6 years. BORING!!!!.. I bought a welding truck and went back to work. AGAIN... while on a job I seen something that gave me another brilliant idea, I get these ideas on a regular basis every 30 years. SO,,, Again I went home, put it on paper, called a patent agent..... 3 years later March 6 2012. I had another oil field patent. This one I added my wife's name to as co-inventor realizing even though she didn't actually participate in the idea, her help in virtually every other way was just as meaningful. Sadly she passed away in March of 2012 we had 51 years together. If it seems a little early for me to be looking, We both agreed who ever survived should not live alone.