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William C. Whitehead

Duluth, Georgia

A native of Middle Tennessee, William Charles Whitehead lived in the Nashville area until 1987. He is an accountant by training — David Lipscomb University and the University of Tennessee — and began his business career with the American Shipbuilding Company. In 1978 Bill was recruited by the Lincoln National Corporation and via their management and counselor -training program, developed experience and greater expertise in finance, insurance, real estate and securities.

In 1981, after years of successes in the financial advisory, investment, and insurance counseling to individuals, as well as small to medium-sized business owners, Bill merged his practice with a local partnership and The Southern Financial Company was formed. SFC was an Investment Banking Broker Dealer specializing in Real Estate Syndication, fee-based Financial Advisory Services, as well as Securities and Insurance services.

In August of 1987, Bill was again recruited to develop a regional Investment Banking and Retail Securities sales operation for Derand Corporation of America, a Washington DC based Investment Banking Brokerage firm, he moved with his family, to Atlanta, Georgia. Since that time he has continued to develop business opportunities; Corporate Development, Financing, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture opportunities.

In 1996 – 97 Bill developed the business strategy and closed a 30 million-dollar financing and “roll-up” [industry consolidation] of sales organizations within the Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Industries. The final result was a $500 Million dollar company utilizing innovative internet protocols to enhance sales, marketing and distribution. A precursor .com company was created using internet technology to enhance a business model for un-automated sales organizations.

Bill specializes in the development of financial opportunities using his years of experience and expertise in understanding applications for technology and financial engineering to capitalize on the market demand. In addition to the Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail, he has experience in the following business areas; Technology, Information Systems, Health Care, Financial Services, Accounting, Telecomm

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