Why hello there!

I'm bill52600. I have been playing the game 'ROBLOX' for a bit, and I'm going to tell you about myself.

First off, I'm on the Board of Directors at Pinewood Builders. I joined them in late 2012. We're a group that builds, scripts, and puts innovation into a game. Our imagination roams freely, whether it's on the group wall, or at one of our places. I take great pride in Pinewood's work; join today!

I joined ROBLOX in 2010. Before Pinewood, I was very involved in war groups. I was in The Robloxian Army from mid 2010 to early 2011. I then joined the National Elite Army, a 10,000 member group. I rose through the ranks over 6-9 months to get 3rd in command. I later resigned to look for more opportunity. I made my own army, the Central Forces of ROBLOXia. It never really took off, so I handed it over and moved on to a few little war groups. I then found Pinewood, and moved up over time. I took the Creative Team position twice, and became an official Director in January of 2014.

I live in the US and attended 2013's Chicago BLOXcon, working in the Pinewood booth.

Well, thanks for reading! I may add some more things here, but this is all for now. Bye!

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