Bill Pavelic

Detective Bill Pavelic retired from the Los Angeles Police Department in December of 1992. During his nineteen year tenure with LAPD, Bill Pavelic earned a Master's Degree from Pepperdine University and acquired an extensive background in administrative and criminal investigations. Pavelic has investigated every conceivable crime and he is considered an expert in police procedures, interrogations and case biopsies. Detective Pavelic received over 200 commendations and letters of appreciation from private and governmental institutions, including the United States Department of Justice. Prior to his retirement, Pavelic was honored by the City of Los Angeles as the Detective Supervisor of the Year for his professional competence, unimpeachable integrity, and for serving the civilian community with distinction, courtesy, and honor.

Pavelic has been the subject of many articles nationally and internationally for speaking out against police corruption and police abuse which he personally witnessed mostly against minorities and non English speaking immigrants.

In 1991 and 1992, while a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, Det. Bill Pavelic openly challenged the LAPD leadership and called for the resignation of Chief, Daryl Gates. Det. Pavelic met privately with several prominent Los Angeles "movers and shakers" to make certain that Chief Gates was held accountable and during this "meet and confer" process, Pavelic was reassured that Chief Gates days were numbered.

Chief Gates was forced into early retirement and on June 9, 1992, LA Councilman Zev Yaroslavky made the following comment to the LA Times concerning LAPD Chief Daryl Gates; "....I have never dealt with a sicker mind, and a more outrageous personality, megalomaniacal personality, than this man, (Chief Gates) who has a problem recognizing what the truth is. He has left the Los Angeles Police Department in a total shambles. He has left this city in a total lurch.....".

On July 20, 1994, as the lead defense investigator in the OJ Simpson case, Bill Pavelic boldly told the mainstream media, that LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman was a racist and a pathological liar. Mark Fuhrman was vociferously defended by two of Los Angeles.