Bill Wade

West Coast

A native of Southern California, Bill Wade began his career in the visual arts at the age of seven when he bought his first Kodak camera. As a teenager he won recognition from Kodak Intl. that spurred him on. His favorite subject became beauty. ”Whether in Nature’s wonders or the face of a woman, beauty is always alluring to my camera." Today we live in a media saturated culture pushing hyper-consumer values that would have us buy the latest car or newest fashion for happiness instead of spending time appreciating and relating to another human in a meaningful way. Is it any surprise to see smart younger people abandoning commercial laden TV in favor of the internet, and avoiding the force feeding of shallow commercial values? I became aware of many other men and women, young and mature, lacking guidance in t-h-e most important area of our lives, Love. We are here to love. Its the easiest way we create heaven on earth. Relationships influence every area of our lives so when this area is not working smoothly, life can be difficult. When a primary relationships or our marriage goes wrong, anyone who has been through it can tell you how much of life is affected. These facts have been motivators for me to be involved in making advanced media and television that informs and inspires audiences to understand how to give and receive Love.

After internships at ABC and NBC affiliates Bill began producing and directing a consumer legal affairs program in San Diego followed by WEEKEND MAGAZINE in Nashville. He also produced NO GUTS NO GLORY featuring then Superbowl quarterback Jim McMahon. He created the concept for EXTREME EXPOSURES, a photography series on National Geographic TV and the series COOL STUFF: HOW IT WORKS for the Discovery Network. Most resently SECRETS OF LOVE was released on DVD and in a direct digital download form. Open to collaboration on advanced content creation, equity participation, and co-ventures.

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