Bill Alverson

Early in his career, Bill Alverson was recruited by Investors Diversified Services, an American Express Company, where he served as Financial Advisor until leaving to start his own investment bank, WMA & Associates. Since then, Bill Alverson has continued to direct a series of highly successful investments. Most recently, he founded the financial investment firm Jupiter Venture Partners. At present, Bill Alverson serves as CEO of Jupiter Venture Partners, based in Jupiter, Florida.

Bill Alverson moved on from American Express to found W.M.A and Associates in 1994. Living in Newport Beach, California, Bill Alverson led W.M.A and Associates, a private investment bank. Acting as Chairman, Bill Alverson offered financing and guidance to a range of small business clients. In this role, Bill Alverson provided executive management, financing, and advisory services to a broad spectrum of start-up enterprises, generating approximately $1 billion in market capitalization through the investments in those companies. His investements included, Inc. as well as Baby Genius. Through W.M.A and Associates, Bill Alverson took both companies public. His efforts resulted in a 2100% return on equity from and a 400% return on equity from Genius Products. Additionally, Bill Alverson briefly assumed the role of CEO of Travelmax, Inc., in which he owned a controlling interest. In his role, Bill Alverson successfully directed the development of the struggling company from seven employees to 220 in less than a year, and establishing a network of over 44,000 agents across the country. In 1998, after a lengthy recuperation following an auto accident, Bill Alverson returned to the helm of W.M.A & Associates.

Later, Bill Alverson cofounded Healthient, Inc. and currently serves as its chairman of the board. Bill Alverson also devotes his time to running The Healthient Foundation, which is the direct philanthropic arm of Healthient, Inc. Today, he serves as a member of the Boards of Healthient, Inc., The Healthient Foundation and SnackHealthy.