Bill Ault

A small point in rural Ontario.

Not where I expected to be at this point in life but then again maybe that's because I did not really expect to be anywhere or at least never planned to be anywhere.

I've done many things in life, some I've done well some not so well and always seem to be looking for that "passion" to follow. After 50 years I'm not even sure if passion is what we should be following since often passion distorts perception and it's hard to follow somthing you can't really see.

Currently, shutting down or at least taking a break from my latest entrepeneurial effort with the hope "that a change is indeed as good as a rest" and the rest leads me to a path that if not well travelled it's at least marked on most maps.

Interests (not passions) are many and varied and may or may not be revealed here. We'll see if really is about me.

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    • Currently looking for passion to follow.
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