Bill Baer

Writer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Currently one of three contributors to NBC Sports HardballTalk.

~ A timeline of my career as a baseball writer ~

October 2013: Joined Rotoworld as a contributor. Wrote featured articles in January 2015. Contributed to the Rotoworld 2015-16 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guides. Ended when I became full-time at HardballTalk.

February 2013: Joined NBC Sports’ HardballTalk. Earned full-time status in February 2016

November 2012: Joined ESPN's Sweet Spot blog as a weekly contributor. Ended May 2014.

January 2012: Published a book, “100 Things Phillies Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” through Triumph Books.

April 2011: Hosted “Stathead” on the Phillies 24/7 HD radio network for the duration of the baseball season.

March 2010: Joined Baseball Prospectus, writing weekly fantasy baseball articles. Ended August 2011.

October 2009: Crashburn Alley partnered with ESPN as part of the Sweet Spot blog network. Ended partnership May 2014.

August 2007: Created Crashburn Alley, a Sabermetrics-focused Phillies blog. Handed control of the blog to Corinne Landrey when I was made full-time with NBC. Corinne, as well as Michael Baumann, Eric Longenhagen, Spencer Bingol, and Ben Harris were contributors to Crashburn Alley who went on to get national writing jobs or jobs with MLB teams.

Miscellaneous: Contributor to the Maple Street Press Phillies Annual 2011 and Baseball Prospectus 2014 annual. Made various appearances on radio and podcasts.

My other non-baseball-related interests includepoker, board games, and competitive video games (Starcraft, Super Smash Bros., Hearthstone).