Will Banzer

Minneapolis, MN

I'm Will. Now that we've taken a journey away from the The Purpose Pages, I thought I'd outline our fight ahead.

For ten years I've dreamed of building this haven of freedom to find the inspiration to execute your life purpose.

We believe that the best way for you to find your purpose is by sharing the fragment of God inside of you with the world. The first step is by becoming the best, and most original, communicator you can be.

The better communicators we become, the bigger impact we can make in the world, People who are involved with the The Purpose Pages don't think small. We believe everyone has a massive mark to make with their talents and we want to help your dreams become a reality. We want to empower your hidden talents, and push you to live the life you were meant to live. We began by focusing on writing, and quality writing will always be our trademark. But the Purpose Pages loves all the arts. It is just as essential for a dancer to be a brilliant communicator as it is for a speaker to be a briliant communicator.

My reality is not much different than this ocean view. Everyday I feel free to live an amazing adventure. Ten years ago I abandoned my plans to live an ordinary life. No longer do I feel trapped to take the path that everyone else around me seems to be taking: graduate school; buy a house; start a family; and hopefully at some point in retirement, find who I was.

Instead, I choose every day to feel like I am always moving forward, seeking incredible answers, and taking each day like it's the last chapter of the story I will ever live. With God guiding my sails, the journey toward my possibilities is endless. Without God, all opportunities are finite. But even from a prison cell, the landscape goes on forever if you believe.

It's a freeing, liberating feeling to venture off on your own to find yourself. Only the elite, brilliant class of adventurers are willing to take this step. Become one today. Join our Purpose Pages culture.

  • Education
    • Bachelors in Business Communications from Metropolitan State