Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop is a bilingual American with experience working in both the US and China. He lives in Beijing with his beautiful girlfriend and twin toddler princesses. Most recently he was CEO of a Beijing-based developer and operator of online games. He co-founded CBS MarketWatch in 1997 and stayed until the sale in 2004 to Dow Jones. Mr. Bishop lives in Beijing and is currently an investor in/advisor to several startups. With over 6 academic years of formal Chinese language studies, he has an MA in China Studies from Johns Hopkins SAIS, a BA from Middlebury College, and a hard-won appreciation of the difficulties of trying to understand China and Chinese. He has lived and worked in China on and off for over 6 years since 1989, and continuously in Beijing since mid-2005. In addition to writing Sinocism, Mr. Bishop blogs on the Internet and digital media in China at DigiCha and is an active user of Twitter @niubi.