Bill Block

Bill Block, Chairman and CEO of W.A.B. Capital, holds over 30 years experience in finance, specializing in the small-cap world of investing. Since 1997, the company has researched small and mid-cap companies, bringing its finds to fruition through the development of relationships with institutional investors and corporate clients. Integrity and honesty are key among Block’s qualities, enabling him to maintain consistent credibility and success. Bill Block graduated from the University of California with BS in Marketing and continued his education there, receiving his MBA in Finance in 1965. Block’s relationship with the school continues to this day, as he mentors undergraduate business students at the USC Marshall School and has twice been voted Mentor of the Month. Bill Block sees the education and training of future financial investors as a way of giving back to a business community. He is most proud of mentoring his own son, Carson Block, the founder of Muddy Waters Research. The world of small and micro-cap investing can be a volatile one, with steep highs and lows. As fund components, small-cap investments can serve as wild cards, capable of generating fast profits but also needing balance from other areas of the portfolio. Bill Block is adept at providing experienced analysis that can give investors an edge in a rapidly changing world. W.A.B.’s challenge is to identify smaller companies that exhibit above-average growth characteristics at both the top and bottom line. Forward thinking and exhaustive research cannot always predict a company’s future. Demonstrating impartiality and credibility, Bill Block maintains strict standards when it comes to client relationships. If W.A.B. Capital perceives developing problems with a company’s fundamentals, it will advise its institutional investing clients accordingly. Bill Block views transparency and integrity as essential to long-term success.