Bill Buckley

Inventor, Producer, and Director in Galway, Ireland

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Smile, breathe, repeat.

How's it feel?

Two choices: act or think.

Think about change.


I am an inventor.

I am a producer.

I am a presenter.

I have a knack for sales and like to help people feel happier. I love to present products and services I believe in.

I have started a Limited Partnership that is building on participation era ideals and ethics. Ideally no rule book because the decisions will be made by the person that it effects the most. Stakeholders know what the other stakeholders are doing. There are no fixed hours. All meetings are optional. No employees; only stakeholders. Customers are treated like potential stakeholders. Suppliers are treated like potential stakeholders. Stakeholders are onboard this partnership and our goal is to create jobs by bringing products and services to market that help people feel happier, smarter and better looking like the patent pending aerChair and new products. We all know what we're doing and when we need to get things done by.

Right now I am looking for people that are willing to become stakeholders.

Let me know if you are interested.

  • Work
    • Bill In Ireland SP LP
  • Education
    • Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
    • Metropolitan State University