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Bill Byrne

Public Relations and Social Media, Startup Launches, and Life Coach in San Diego, California

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PR guy, aging skateboarder, craft beer lover, friend and often times, overly verbose. So anyway...

I am Bronx born, Long Island raised, former Brooklyn and Hoboken resident. I work in the public relations / social media world for a variety clients, from mobile / consumer tech and real estate to action sports (snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, motocross, etc.) and other things as they arise.

I am not a PR or social media guru, but I have a wealth of experience and results derived from working with brands that have big and small budgets alike.

I live in San Diego with my two Maine Coon cats, spend my free time falling off various boards on various terrain, playing volleyball, making clients happy & trying to spend time with my friends. Also, I am a big fan of craft beer and pizza, but only in moderation.

Contact info below, email/tweet/LinkIn with me to chat more.

Tweets and posts are my own, not representative of my clients (do people still write that?).

  • Work
    • Remedy Communications
  • Education
    • Ithaca College