Bill Christensen

Hello. I have been involved in the printing industry in one way or another for over 30 years. My life in printing started with Screen Printing. You know T-Shirts, Signs, that sort of stuff. I always Loved those days. I then moved on to Lithography, or should I say Offset Printing. My Offset Printing career started off in the dark. The dark room that is, developer then stop bath then fixer. When the negatives were dry, they were then laid out on grid paper or flats as they used to be called. Those flats were then placed on metal plates in a vacuum frame with a light source to expose the light sensitve coating which was on the metal plates. After the plates were exposed they needed to be developed, either by hand or sent through a processor.

In the mid 80's came the Digital Age. Ahhh yes, computers and desktop publishing. No more days of being elbow deep in chemistry. No more ruined clothes from splashed developer or fixer. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Woz, and the rest of the Silicon Valley Boys really opened up Pandora's Box. I love the Digital Age and everything it has done for me. With over 20 years of experience in Graphic Design, I have created everything from Business Cards to Customized Maps for clients.