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New Jersey, United States

「18 • ♀ • isfj • ♌ • nj」

hiya! my name is vicky. i'm bill cipher's girlfriend, a coffee addict, a 2d enthusiast, irl yuno gasai & giffany, and the billdip goddess. i'm a cis girl (she/her), white, and demiromantic homoflexible.


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my main interests are anime, cartoons, manga, and video games! but as for things i'm currently into, i like gravity falls, mario bros, skullgirls, kirby, love live!, paper mario, homestuck, over the garden wall, south park, mlp:fim, ace attorney, panty & stocking, and pokemon.

aside from fandoms, i like starbucks, sunsets/sunrises, the color pink, sweets, cats, waterscapes, rain, makeup, mexican food, fuzzy socks, yanderes & yangires, anime girls with twintails, and bill cipher.

bill cipher is my boyfriend and master and madoka kaname is my waifu. nui harime is my goddess and dipper pines is my son. wirt is my stupid nerd boyfriend that i wanna kiss to shut him up.

my tumblr is pretty varied! i reblog gifs, fanart, food, stupid posts, vines, and anything else that i like! i'm also a lot more active on my twitter so follow me there! i love meeting new people so feel free to reach out and send me a message! i’m sure we will be great friends!