Bill Dennis

Dental Practice Management Consultant in Kensington, Maryland

After completing his B.A. at Carnegie Mellon University in 1974 and Masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh in 1978, Bill began his career as a stress management consultant and psychotherapist. He then began computerizing dental and medical offices for the Dental Society for the State of New York. Over the last few decades, he has been coaching and counseling health professionals across various disciplines on leadership, technology and team building.

In 2010, Bill founded Practice Success in effort to introduce innovative consulting methods for peer and customer relations within the health industry. As an offshoot project, he began organizing interdisciplinary health care groups in New York City and Washington DC, so as to expand his vision for stronger personal ties between health professionals, and between health professionals and their clients. This offshoot project eventually evolved into a thriving program that has since been branded Metro Collaborative. It has attracted various health professionals looking for new techniques to expand their businesses, and connect with likeminded individuals.

Indeed, these groups provide ways for business owners, physicians, dentists and practitioners of all disciplines to learn, connect and collaborate in order to create cross-referral opportunities. After observing the notable progress that members made within these forums, it became clear to bill that business acceleration groups are on the cutting edge for problem solving, as well as professional solidarity and connectivity.

Bill's background is extensive and spans several decades. In New York City, he worked as a psychotherapist and stress management consultant. In short, he coached executives, physicians and dentists on how to balance their life and work. Through this time, he extended this practice into coaching physicians on improving their business models, by demonstrating to them tangible methods for success, such as "client centered communication".

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