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Momo πŸ’—πŸ’—

Web Developer in Florida

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Hello!! My name is Momo!! ^w^

I'm very bad at abouts so please bear with me,,, ^^'

My username is a joke by the way! I'm not kin with the onceler!

My only kins are Dipper Pines from gravity falls and Pearl from Steven universe and I'm totally okay with doubles!!!

I ship billdip BUT!!! It's for coping!!! But if that still makes you uncomfortable just let me know!!! ^^

Please don't follow if

You openly hate billdip (I completely understand it's problematic but it helps me to cope w/ my trauma so,,,) (also please don't ask me about my trauma,,)

You fit the basic byf criteria

You're going to start drama or something

Once you've read this please dm me a picture of Bill Cipher please!!!