Bill FitzPatrick

Bill FitzPatrick enjoys a distinguished forty year career as a teacher and martial arts master. His educational work has taken him to Asia, Africa, Europe and throughout North America. Bill is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. He received his Master's Degree from Boston College where he was a teaching fellow. He has taught courses and written articles for the National Association of Realtors®. For many years, Bill was the principal writer and editor of two of the nation's leading business newsletters, Investing in Real Estate and the Homeowner's Advisory Letter. In 1993, Bill founded the 501c3 educational non-profit American Success Institute. Bill is the originator of the motivational project, the Action Principles®. The last six American Presidents, as well as many leaders in the military, government, sports, religion and entertainment have contributed Action Principles® to the Action Principles® Leadership Project. You can find Bill's daily online teaching on his blog on the motivational website, Bill's current project is the development and promotion of the Master Success Program. The Master Success Program covers ten courses and one hundred lessons covering the full range of life enhancement topics: successful living, career development, investing, personal development, personal security and leadership. Bill is an Eagle Scout, former Sergeant in the United States Army Reserve and Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts Master. He lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts with his wife, Karen.