Bill Goodrich

Since earning his Juris Doctor cum laude in 1968 from Harvard Law School, Bill Goodrich of Goodrich Legal Services has held a number of positions that have contributed to his expertise as an attorney. He served in senior executive roles prior to opening Goodrich Legal Services in 1991, including as Vice President and General Counsel of the Worthington Corporation and President and Chief Executive Officer of Silica Development Corporation. As Vice President and General Counsel of the international machinery manufacturer Worthington Corporation, Bill Goodrich supervised all legal affairs for the company’s 14 offices around the world and occupied seats on its executive committee and board of directors. As President and Chief Executive Officer for Silica Development Corporation, Mr. Goodrich managed of the development, construction, and management of 28 medical, residential, and commercial properties. Earlier in his career, prior to establishing Goodrich Legal Services, Bill Goodrich served in private practice representing New York and Connecticut-based corporate clients in major mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings. In this capacity, he was involved with the merger of Allegheny Airlines and Mohawk Airlines into USAir and the IPO for the fast food chain Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips. He later operated a New York City-based legal practice for 10 years before opening Goodrich Legal Services. At his New York practice, he represented both U.S. and international clients in corporate matters, financial issues, and international transactions during this time. At Goodrich Legal Services, Bill Goodrich maintains a network of affiliated attorneys across the United States to help people avoid losing their homes to foreclosure by assisting them with loan modifications. In addition, he serves clients in the areas of real estate, commercial, financial, and corporate law, providing legal representation for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, debt restructuring, employee relations, and technology and trademark licensing. Bill Goodrich belongs to the state bars in California, Connecticut, and New York. He has been admitted to practice law in the U.S. District Court since 1969.