Bill Gratton

I am a photographer, who now works on the industry side. I'm the National Manager of Educational Markets for the MAC Group - the premier US distributor for top professional photographic brands. Our educational support program is called MAC-On-Campus. I’m better known as “the school guy”. My job takes me to photography schools all over the United States. I also attend most (if not, all) of the national photographic trade shows. I get to talk face to face with many photographers, students and educators and observe the many issues that they face. My passion for anything related to photography along with my professional experiences both as a “shooter” and on the industry side, give me great insight into the field of photography. After listening and building relationships with schools and educators over the last 13 years, I feel as though I have a pretty good understanding of the needs and the challenges faced by today’s photo educators and the students that they serve. Many of our products and programs present solutions to some of these problems. My many travels and conversations present other solutions.

I am a life long student and am always wanting to learn and share. I'm always observing and photograph every chance I get.

I was given two ears and one mouth so, I try to listen twice as often as I talk.