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Bill Harris

Punta Gorda Florida

Hi! I’m currently traveling in an RV where I work and play doing maintenence in state parks (work camping). When I’m not working I like to bike the old fashioned way, with the pedal kind. I wouldn't say i'm obbsessed with the preservation of wildlife but i find it difficult to even dispose of invasive species such as Apple snails, Cuban Tree frogs or Wild Feral Hogs, Rangers say bag and freeze them but of course the hogs are safe since they won't fit in my freezer and the other critters are just to fast to catch (chuckle). That is supposed to be the humane way to euthinize. I don't know about that process and so far I just move them out of my site. Now plants are a different story - sorry all you vegitarians but they must go i.e. Ceasar Weed, Rosary Pea, Air Potato, etc. Connect with me!

  • Work
    • HMS Medical
  • Education
    • Warren G.Harding High School
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Cincinnati