Bill Harrison

Artist in Altus, Oklahoma

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When I was just a young lad. It was about this time I was introduced to work, when my grandpa handed me a hammer, some nails, and a handsaw and said to me ‘Let's go to work.’ I must admit when I smelled the fresh cut sawdust for the first time, I was hooked on working with wood. I did not know at that time the extent of the passion that woodworking would become and haunt me through my life.

Reaching the age of 18 years old I was subject to be drafted into the military, and I was quickly drafted. And as a result was able to travel the world. I traveled in parts of the world I would have otherwise never been able to do, visiting both Asia and Europe, and as a result receiving a learning experience like none other.

In Asia I was able to see the Asians artists carving in different type of materials Ivory, bronze, jade, and wood. Using our discarded trash and used tin beer cans they were able with very basic tools to create some of the most beautiful and detail carvings in the world.

Traveling to Europe I was able to see and experience the carving skills of the European artist and the products from the black forest. It was in Europe I discovered the magnificent Art of Intarsia, developed in the 15th and 16th century, and Italian art from, which I took note of and since has become the passion behind 'The Hobby I Love.'

As a former salesperson I traveled the southwest corner of Oklahoma and the northwest Part of Texas for 35 years. I have visited with and got to know a lot of interesting people in my travels. While I was traveling I noticed the arts and artists of this country while traveling these roads and byways over my life time. I discovered there are many great and wonderful artists here as well. Those that worked, and carved wood, those that power carved in wood, sparked my interest and inspired me and has fueled my passion for that art. I am fusing the two art forms, the ancient European Intarsia art with the dynamic power carvings techniques of the modern world, to create magnificent pieces of art of both worlds. Carving intarsia pieces has become a passion in my life. The art I create lives in me, and I know the art I create will live on long after I am gone.

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