Bill Hebding

William Hebding, Vice President of Skill-Metric Machine and Tool, Inc., operates the sales department of the company. Since joining the firm in 2002, Hebding has achieved a number of notable distinctions; most significantly, he has increased sales from approximately $2 million to $20 million per year. In addition, William Hebding has a number of marketing-related responsibilities at Skill-Metric. Namely, he handles new customer introductions, new business development, and customer relations. With over 50 employees, Skill-Metric is an aerospace company that builds engine tooling and airfield accessories. It serves the United States Air Force and Army, among others. With an extensive quality assurance process, Skill-Metric maintains stringent standards. The experienced management team includes industry veterans Dan Kresty, the Vice President of Engineering, and President Cecelia Kresty. Prior to joining Skill-Metric, William Hebding held two significant positions in his field. Among these roles, he served as the President and CEO of Digital Transmission Systems, of Huntsville, Alabama. In this capacity, he was responsible for all marketing, sales, and new business development. During his time there, he developed a customer base that spanned over 50 companies. He also served as the Vice President of Real Time Access, Inc., for two years immediately prior to joining Skill-Metric. Alongside his distinguished sales career, William Hebding has maintained several hobbies, which include activities such as skiing, boating, and aviation. In addition, Hebding holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Alabama in Accounting and Economics.