Bill Hood

Cuernavaca, Mexico

A creative workaholic, I am predominately a published storyteller, despite my parents admonitions to stop telling stories and I write books and articles from my home in peaceful, serene and tranquil, Cuernavaca, Mexico. When not at the keyboard, I am to be found in my studio painting, or traveling the world in search of interesting people and places.

I have been ensconced in the screenprinting technologies since childhood. I have been teaching screenprinting at my School of Screenprinting in Austin, Texas for the past few decades. And, I continue to travel worldwide in my consulting practice at Bill Hood Consulting, helping screenprinters achieve higher quality, efficiency and productivity. I have authored 40+ books on the screenprinting process.

A lifelong sufferer of epistemophilia, I am doomed to spend more time researching than actually producing. Ah, but it does make the adventure of living life more interesting and enjoyable.

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    • Writer and Author
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    • Sam Houston State University