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Bill Hubbard

Bill Hubbard

Bill, short for William, but not short on charm -- I build relationships with everyone. My business is forging new paths to bring in revenue and retain clients. You wouldn't be wrong to say that I have sucessfully managed consultative relationships with clients in practically every industry spanning from industrial and high-tech to small growting enterprises. I am savvy when it comes to identifying creative avenues for business and unstoppable in my ability to reestablish tarnished relationships and retain customers.

My focus is generally on value-added solutions to balance both the needs of my client with the needs of the business, however with the rapidly changing needs of my clients, exceptional service is my primary staple.

Sometimes I am a deep water fisherman... Sometimes I even catch a fish... But every day I'm out on the water, fish swim about in fear and in the distance they hear the roar of my boat that snarles, "Fish beware!"

I didn't write that last part, my wife did!