Allan Sand

Pocket Billiards in Santa Clara, California

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All of my books are written to fit the needs of players. There are books for beginners, intermediate shooters, and advanced competitors. When you purchase a book and discover it is either ahead or behind your current skills, please return the book and no worries. If you like the book, do a review about how it advanced your skills and/or knowledge.

Most of my books are about pocket billiards and carom billiards. It is my life's purpose to promote cue sports. I've written many useful books and produced many videos - all to advance that purpose. In addition to these efforts, I am also active on the Instructors Committee of the PBIA (Professional Billiards Instructors Association).

My biggest effort is blogging. The Billiard Gods blog is the largest pool blog on the planet (search for Billiard Gods and you'll get dozens of hits). Each week, I put out multiple posts - videos, table drills and playing exercises, the philosophy of competition, and knowledge.

Feel free to take advantage of these posts. When you come across an area where you need very specific advice and guidance, but the book(s) that will help you.

My life does include other interests. I have published book about Team Sports, Politics, Business Marketing, and even Cooking.

Thank you for your consideration and time.