Billie Jo Davis Model

Over the last five years, Billie Jo Davis has developed a successful career in the medical device sales industry. As a Sales Representative for Infinity Medical in Dallas, she holds responsibility for the company's North Texas sales territory. Cultivating long-term relationships with key neurosurgeons, Billie Jo Davis has established numerous lucrative accounts. During her term at Infinity Medical, she has personally gained market share from the company's competitors and contributed to the firm's overall positive market share gain in 2007 and 2008. Additionally, Ms. Davis has leveraged her industry expertise to develop and launch such new products as the Aspen Spinous Process Fixation System by Lanx and several ISTO Technologies biologic products.

Ms. Davis specializes in the sale of spinal medical devices, one of the most lucrative and competitive areas of the medical equipment field. Working primarily with neurosurgeons, she provides expert education on the company's medical devices, oftentimes joining these talented physicians in the operating room. In this capacity, Billie Jo Davis offers hands-on training, advising neurosurgeons on specifics for sizing for an implants, screws, and plates during procedures. Ms. Davis also utilizes her specialized training in biologics to assist neurosurgeons with her recommendations. This bone graft and plasma technology enhances healing in spinal fusion surgeries.

Before joining Infinity Medical, Ms. Davis spent more than a year serving as a Sales Representative and Regional Trainer at Exactech. Selling spinal implant devices to neurosurgeons in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, she helped her firm earn Agency of the Year, an award recognizing outstanding sales, ambition, and teamwork.