Billie-Jo Russell

Photography, designing, and sewing in London, United Kingdom

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My name is Billie-Jo I am 17 years old from East London. The thing I enjoy the most is fashion design. I believe I have attention to detail and have a few skills/ hobbies such as sketching designs, sewing and photography.

The person who inspires me the most/who I would say is my favourite designer would either be Vivienne Westwood as I love how far she has come from her punk design days. Vera Wang is also one as I LOVE her wedding dress designs and would love to design wedding dresses or prom dresses at some point in the future.

I would like to have an apprenticeship or work placement somewhere in a fashion or clothes based company by the end of 2016 . I would like to have in this place is something based on fashion design itself however another thing that interests me is being a stylist and working in some form of showroom role. I think this would help me to get my foot in the door and would help me share my creative vision. Another thing I would like to do is expand my network and meet new people in this industry.