Bill Jeffries

With an 11-year background in the industry of career search and marketing services, Bill Jeffries is Managing Director and part owner of Career Solutions of Southern Arizona, LLC. Career Solutions is an Arizona-based recruiting and career consulting organization that has regional offices in five states throughout the nation, with plans to expand to four more national and international regions. The company is an outstanding member of the Better Business Bureau as well as six other professional associations. Bill Jeffries is accountable for all general management office functions of his branch, administrative maintenance, and client selection and review. At the founding of Career Solutions, the business became a profitable organization in only four months, and in the decades since, it has assisted thousands of qualified candidates in restarting their careers. Jeffries told The Huffington Post in 2010 that secure, confident job candidates stay with Career Solutions for less than three months before they locate employment, and that even following the recession he is still able to place the majority of his clients.

Before his work with Career Solutions, Bill Jeffries spent time in corporate broadcasting. He was Vice President of Program Operations with Home News, Inc., holding management responsibilities for nine different radio stations in California, Oregon, and Washington. Jeffries’ management authority included all aspects of air time scheduling, planning and negotiating with radio talent, and directing internal progress at each office. During the 8 years Bill Jeffries spent with Home News, Inc., the corporation grew financially from an $8 million company to a $45 million organization in 1993.