Bill Loëb

Bill Loëb is an entrepreneur, an avid competitive shooter and hunter and a passionate volunteer who teaches and promotes personal safety, personal empowerment and self reliance.

As an entrepreneur, Bill oversees several diverse enterprises, including MK Firearms and Baymoon Properties.

Writing has been a lifelong passion for Bill. In recent years, he’s produced articles for The Sun Times and Gun Digest. He’s also the author of an upcoming book about custom 1911s.

A highly-active volunteer, Bill holds instructor certifications in RAD Systems Basic Physical Defense for Women, RAD Systems Aerosol Defense Options and radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program.

Bill’s interests in shooting and hunting were nurtured from a young age by his dad, who was in law enforcement, and his uncle, whose handcrafted duck decoys were renowned for their artistic beauty and realism.

A self-proclaimed foodie, Bill not only likes to hunt for game, he loves to cook it… along with just about any kind of food. In fact, he’s even participated in food competitions, once taking a first prize for his Wild Goose & Chorizo Gumbo.

Feel free to visit Bill’s websites and social media pages at the links listed below.