Bill Male

A passionate and enthusiastic advertising veteran who's always in search of the next realm of interactivity.

We've recently been working on four interactive technologies that we've been able to bring to market which offer some exciting experiential marketing/advertising opportunities.

1) INTERACTIVE OBJECT MAPPING: Please see attached video of what was done for Audi in China for the Q3 launch. The technology has just recently been licensed and will now be available in the Canadian market. This can virtually be done with any object.

2) HOLOGRAM PROJECTIONS: Create 3D experiences. Imagine a virtual hologram of a new automobile with an interactive interface that allows the audience to engage with the image of an automobile for a new car launch. Choose which perspective of the vehicle you'd like to see. Change color and features of the car etc. Taken one step further, incorporate a hologram projection of presenter who will interact with the audience. Can be executed both indoor as well as well as outdoor. See example that was done for a Christian Louboutin launch. .........

The Final Result:

3) TOUCHLESS INTERACTIVE VIDEO MONITORS: The technology uses a mix of inferred as well as body mapping which allows a spectator to manipulate and interact with the video content purely through the use of their own body movements. See attached video of what we've done for Bell at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

4) VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS/MANNEQUINS: The process uses an acrylic cut-out form onto which an image of a model/presenter is projected. (See attached for what was done for London Airport.)