Bill McNutt III

Marketing professional, entrepreneur, and businessman Bill McNutt III has started numerous companies. Throughout his career, he has served in management positions and sat on several boards of growing businesses. A trade policy observer, Bill McNutt III has served in two presidential administrations. He served as a Special Assistant at the OMB in the Reagan White House in the Office of Privatization. In the Bush Quayle administration, he worked at International Labor Affairs assisting with policy recommendations while communicating with trade organizations in Japan and with the European Economic Community. During the presidential transition from Reagan to George H.W. Bush, he liaised with other government agencies and business leaders.

Aside from his work in the public and private sectors, Bill McNutt III contributes his time and resources to his community. After gaining his Master of Liberal Studies from Southern Methodist University, Bill McNutt III founded the National Southern Methodist University Young Alumni Association, a group that grew to include over 2,500 members. The organization received a gold medal for the best new alumni program in the United States at the time.

Bill McNutt III continues his involvement in education and served as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the University of North Texas’ College of Business for a semester in Denton, Texas. In 2006, he became a member of the advisory board for Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, an all-boys preparatory school. As a board member from 2006 to 2010, he visited the school and presented a series of leadership lectures, bringing to campus Medal of Honor holders, U.S. Olympic Team coaches, and famous business leaders. From 2009 to 2011, Bill McNutt III served a three-year term as a Deacon of Highland Park Presbyterian Church. In 2007, the Texas governor appointed him as a state Arts Commissioner.

A Texas resident, Bill McNutt III lives in University Park with his family. A former youth football coach, he enjoys his free time reading biographies and lifting weights. He savors discovering new business opportunities and networking.