Bill Nelson

Tampa, Florida

I have been implementing identity management solutions for over 15 years (long before "identity" was even a buzzword). During that time, I have developed custom identity management platforms, performed enterprise-wide directory deployments and architected role-based provisioning solutions for various vertical markets including Healthcare, Education, Finance, Telecommunications, and the Federal Government.

I have a firm understanding of the business, security and technological issues involved in implementing identity management projects, but my real passion lies in using these technologies to solve real-world problems. Having worked with Fortune 100 companies (such as General Electric, AT&T, UnitedHealth Group, and Boeing), institutions of higher education (including University of Minnesota, Vanderbilt, Loyola, University of Alabama) and several agencies within the Federal Government (DOD, DOJ, DOE, DHS, and OSD), I have accumulated extensive architectural, development, leadership, and management experience that allows me to identify (and avoid) the risks associated with implementing identity management projects.

Throughout my career I have been an developer, project manager, author, teacher, courseware developer, consultant, public speaker, and executive. The experience gained in these roles make me an effective communicator and allow me to bridge the technical and business divide.

  • Work
    • Continuum Labs, Inc.