Bill Nelson

Brooklyn, NY

I've always had an intense appreciation for the financial world, and I've always loved to write. I've worked in countless positions honing my skills and exploring my talents in these areas. It has helped me understand how I can best utilize my strengths to provide value in this world.

I have a relentless curiosity when it comes to understanding what makes ideas "stick". It drives me on my never-ending pursuit to connect with, observe, learn from, and most importantly contribute to the world at large.

Everyone is on their own journey, but I feel we all have a collective stake in the future. I'm confident that each individuals "offering" can contribute to humanities betterment. So having the ability to disseminate ideas, to take them from creation to execution, is something I value highly. My desire to do my part burns like a fire within me.

I am driven to strive for my personal best, and I enjoy making use of all tools for connection that I am gracious to have access to today.

Discovering, honing and utilizing my particular strengths feels like my "civic duty", as a citizen of this world. It is awe inspiring for me when I connect and share, and it is something I value tremendously both for the way it serves me and the way it fasciliates me serving the world.

I am commited to growth, and while I sometimes feel that I take this journey alone, connecting reminds me that the Universe surrounds me with everything I need. People, ideas, relationships, opportunities - these are what foster the growth that I am after, this is where I feel I can best offer my gifts. So take this journey with me, and lets see where we can go and what we can accomplish.

  • Education
    • BS in Finance, Bernard Baruch College