William Nihill

William Nihill

Bill Nihill is the Co-founder of Zujava, an artist, and writer.

I've been publishing online since 2007, under my own websites as well as Squidoo and Hubpages. Here are my publishing accounts and websites:

RoadRoamer : a travel based website that focuses on road trips and US destinations

Kiwisoutback on Squidoo : Where I first started writing online in 2007, first to promote my Ebay and CafePress stores, then for the sheer joy of writing, then to actually make a living online.

Web Ascension : A collection of tips through personal experience for selling on Ebay and other e-commerce websites.

Kiwi91 on Hubpages : I wrote on Hubpages from 2007-2011, though have transferred much of this content to Zujava.

I'm also an oil painter of landscapes and seascapes. I've been painting since 1999, and have been involved in art my whole life. You can view my online gallery here: