Bill Nobes

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and video / animation in Wrightstown, New Jersey

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Currently I am self-employed as Twin Oak Group, inc. I live and work at Victory Farm, where we produce grass fed eggs (about 20k eggs per year). Code bases I am building or maintain:

The Doctor Will See You Now


Also currently working on projects for and Guinness via their agency, TribalDDB.

In reverse chronological order I am or have been a Programmer, Chicken Farmer, IT specialist, Stage Manager (NYC), Graphic Designer, Video Producer and some others not worth mentioning. Full time companies have included: New York Time, Miller Freeman/CMP, Shooting Gallery Freelance have included: Met Life, NY Life, Captian Morgan Rum, Teen People, AIG/Edwards, K-Mart, Kraft Foods, Victoria Secret and many others.

Other Past Credits:

Technical Director: Martha@

For the: Ridiculous Theatrical Company

* Production Stage Manager: Murder at Minsing Manner; Call me Sarah Bernhardt;

* Director: Phaedra (NYT review) (PDF)

* Production Manager: Corn

Technical director and tranny-tech for Jackie 60 , Jackie Factory and Click & Drag

Producer: East Village Film and Video Festival (recently received two pages in new book Exposed: The History of Film on the Lower East Side)

Stage Manager: (OOB) The Tempest, Native American, Manchurian Candidate, Lysistrata Technical Director: NJ Film Festival, Hoboken Film Festival

Director: The Call, A music video for the NY Nick’s Dancers.

On the music stage: Worked with artists such as Deborah Harry, Patti Smith and Richie Havens among many others.