William O'Keeffe


In a previous life I worked as a qualified vehicle Crash Repair specialist/Panel beater and have vast experience and skills in this field. However because of the economic climate change I decided to broaden my career prospects. I am now studying an honours degree in Entertainment Systems at Waterford institute Of Technology and with all going well I will go on to complete my masters in due course.

Although student life is great at Waterford Institute of Technology, when I am not bogged down with assignment I like to use me recently achieved football coaching and fitness qualifications/badges to coach and play at my local junior League football Club. This helps keeps me in great shape and physically fit college life. I also enjoy a round of golf at the week ends.

Although my automotive career is somewhat in the distant past I do have a keen interest and a very slight obsession in automotive design and production techniques and I also design and fabricate on a hobby basses various performance composites parts for motor sport use.