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Bill Pytlovany

Industry insider Bill Pytlovany was best known for his leading role in creating the software behind the service now called, AOL. These days Bill is better known for his digital photography and for being the creator of "Scotty the Windows WatchDog".

Bill has worked with a number of high tech companies and media partners expanding the online world and traditional broadcast mediums. In 1995-1996, Bill was a member of a small group at Microsoft working on the "Information Highway PC" which has evolved multiple Windows products. Innovations include the DestinationÒ PC, the first TV/PC convergence system from Gateway Inc., and MTV's "Yak Chat Live", the first broadcast combining live online chats with music videos.

Bill worked with the Walt Disney Corp. in the creation of "PrimeTime Player Ô", the first LIVE Interactive Television application and was one of the founders of ABC's Enhanced TV. Bill continues to publish articles on tech developments online on his Blog, Bits from Bill.

Key member of the team when:

AOL 1st launched as Q-Link, AppleLink, PC-Link, AOL.

Microsoft created the concept of an Information Highway PC.

Gateway launched the Destination PCTV

Gateway created the Multi-Function keyboard

MTV had their first combined Internet/TV broadcast

CBS News streamed closed captioned feeds into online chat rooms

Disney created ABC's Enhanced TV for Monday Night Football

Epson made millions connecting low ink to online purchases.

These days Bill's time is devoted to local community service & helping to expose and stamp out mystery programs commonly known as Spyware or Adware.